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Shankman & Associates, Solon, Ohio

These are the offices for Shankman & Associates, located in Solon, Ohio. Designed & Built by Geis Companies, it represents smart design and construction on a small scale. A renovation of an existing building, it proves that it doesn't take a lot of money to make for an attractive aesthetic. With smart investment in the bones of the building, as well as the front end imagery, it allows for an attractive footprint for the end user (and their clients) with a minimal financial impact, while allowing for more improvements down the road. I like it.


Grasha / Allen / Rosavelt - Happy Dog 2014


Let's start the new year off with some fun, shall we? These are shots from a recent Happy Dog gig from Kevin, Chris, and the guys.

First up was Kevin Grasha of The Amprays performing a solo acoustic set from the recent Brave New Strange album, followed up by Chris Allen and his band (the lineup for tonight included Tom Prebish on bass, Al Moss on pedal steel guitar, Fred Perez-Stable on drums, and Robert A. Latina on guitar) who played the new release Everything Changes but the Rodeo in its entirety. After that set, Kevin and Robert rotated out for the evening's Rosavelt lineup.

I fully enjoyed the evening's set, shooting the pics, and catching up with old friends that I don't get to see as often as I'd like. I'm looking forward to the next gig.



Firefighters Community Credit Union, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio


These are the administrative offices for the Firefighter's Community Credit Union in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, designed and built by Geis Companies. The coolest part of this facility, by far, is the reception area; particularly the large overhead abstract badge logo element. Now while I think that incorporating signage into architectural componentry is cool in its own right, here's what I think is really cool about this piece: Hold your hands above your head. Now keep them there. Tired yet? And that's just it. There's a lot of overhead work here, just in the logo element.

Very cool space. Very cool logo. Fantastic craftsmanship. I like it.




Thanksgiving Shopping Centers 2014


As an architect who's worked in retail for over 20 years, I can tell you one absolute: The busiest day of the year in retail is "Black Friday" - the day after Thanksgiving. That one day sets the schedule for design, construction, and operations of retail spaces throughout the country. And for as busy as it gets that day, it lies in stark contrast to what happens the day before - Thanksgiving (which for the longest time was nothing). Thanksgiving is one of only two days in the year when the parking lots are empty, and I find that strangely compelling.

It's been a personal tradition of mine for many years to photograph shopping centers on Thanksgiving, and when I awoke to freshly fallen snow this morning, it was easy to talk myself into doing it again.

Here's hoping that you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving, and if you're going out to the stores for "Black Friday", I hope that you'll take a moment to think of how it was the day before.


Reimer, Arnovitz, Chernek & Jeffrey Company, Solon, Ohio


These are the headquarters of Reimer, Arnovitz, Chernek & Jeffrey, located in Solon, Ohio, designed by Geis Companies. The building represents a renovation of an existing building to the extreme, in that a portion of the building was once condemned by the city. Geis was able to rehabilitate the former fitness center into a first class facility for the law firm, while maintaining the charm of the original construction. I found it to be open and airy, with much glass, including skylights. I hope it does well for them.

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