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Aaah, the first signs of spring. The swallows returning to Capestrano, baseball, and an old WWII airport in Sebring, Florida coming to life with the roar of motor power. It's been a long winter, and it was good to get back with the racing scene.


This year's story was that of the old guard: Last year's Peugeout (being run this year by a privateer) beat out the brand new factory Pug. Last year's Ferrari 430 beat out the brand new 458 Italia. And with 56 some entries, it was the largest field in some time. I was happy to see it. Bring on the new season! 






Ladies and Gentlemen Spas, Chicago

There are worse ways to spend a day than flying to Chicago for a shoot. This was for the Ladies and Gentlemen Spas space at Block 37 on behalf of Herschman Architects. I had a good time with this one, and while I was doing the retouch, my three year old was drawn to the space as well. As a recent champion of the haircut experience (without crying no less), he was immediatly attracted to one feature of the space:

"Daddy! That's 'lightning the queen'"!


It's always a bonus when I can combine "auto" with "haus" in the same shoot. Good times.


Lifebanc - Cleveland


 I recently had an opportunity to photograph the Lifebanc facility on Richmond Road in Cleveland, designed by the Geis Companies. In addition to the impressive design, I was struck by what Lifebanc does, and how they do it. If you aren't aware of Lifebanc, this is a local nonprofit organization that coordinates organ and tissue donation for you after you die in northeast Ohio.




There was a great story on WCPN a few weeks ago about David C Barnett and his brother, who had recently passed away. You can read about it and listen to it here. Afterwards, consider checking the box on your driver's license for organ donation, and if you do, tell your loved ones about your plans.


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